English 100 Marks Objective Question 2023 12th English 100 Marks Model Paper Question 2023 English Question Paper 2023


Instructions for the Candidates :-
1.   Candidates are required to give answers in their own words as for as practicable.
2.   Figures in the right hand margin indicate full marks.
3.   15 minutes of extra time has been allotted for the candidates to Read the
       Questions and follow the instructions carefully.
4.   While answering the questions, candidates should adhere to the Word limit as
       Far as Practicable
5.    All questions are compulsory.
6.    Use of any electronic device is strictly prohibited.
7.    This question paper is divided into two sections – Section – A And Section – B
8.    In Section – A, there are 60 objective type questions out of which Any 50
       Questions have to be answered. Each question carries 1 mark. Darken the circle
       With blue / black ball pen against the correct option On OMR Answer Sheet
       Provided to you. Do not use Whitener / Liquid / Blade / Nail on OMR Answer
       Sheet; otherwise the result Will be treated invalid .
9.    In case more than 50 questions are answered, only the first 50 Answers will be
10.  In Section – B, there are descriptive type questions.

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English 100 Marks Objective Question 2023 12th English 100 Marks Model Paper Question 2023 English Question Paper 2023 Education Success 

1. ‘My Experiments with Truth’ was written by
(A) Abul Kalam
(B) J.L. Nehru
(C) Sardar Patel
(D) Mahatma Gandhi
Ans. (D)

2. Seibei reads at …… school.
(A) Primary
(B) High
(C) Middle
(D) +2 school
Ans. a

3. The mind is a restless…… the more it gets the more it wants.
(A) dog
(B) bird
(C) monkey
(D) cow
Ans. (b)

4. I am no hater of the …… (Mahatma Gandhi for I)
(A) East
(B) North
(C) South
(D) West

5. The world famous Attic civilization is in …
(A) Greece
(B) Italy
(C) Spain
(D) Portugal
Ans. (A)

6. “Plain living and high thinking” is the motto of a
(A) Eastern philosopher
(B) Western philosopher
(C) North philosopher
(D) Britain
Ans. (B)

7. The values of …… are glittering even today.
(A) Indian civilization
(B) Roman civilization
(C) Greek civilization
(D) Chinese civilization

8. Dr. Zakir Hussain was a great
(A) politician
(B) leader
(C) nationalist
(D) thinker.
Ans. (C)

9. Dr. Zakir Hussain took the oath of loyalty to the …
(A) Constitution
(B) People
(C) Nation
(D) Chief Justice

10. India became a Republic on…..?
(A) 25th Jan., 1950
(B) 26th Jan., 1950
(C) 26th Jan., 1952
(D) 26th Jan., 1951
Ans. (B)

11. Ratiram was the son of ……
(A) Sohanlal Ratiram
(B) Mohanlal Ratiram
(C) Devanlal Ratiram
(D) herolal ratiram
ans. a

12… is a humorous story.
(A) The Artist
(B) A Pinch of Snuff
(C) A Child is Bron
(D) The Earth
Ans b

13. There is nothing like honesty was said by……
(A) Nanukaka
(B) Bhanukaka
(C) Raushankaka
(D) Monukaka
Ans a

14. MLK Jr. had…… children.
(A) four
(C) two
(B) three
(D) one
Ans. a

15. In…… the last step was never taken.
(A) India
(B) China
(C) Germany
(D) France
Ans b

16. Civilization taught us
(A) to be friendly towards others
(B) to be human
(C) to be unlawful
(D) to be rude or cruel

17. Seibei’s father worked at …… shop.
(A) Blacksmith’s
(B) Carpenter’s
(C) Barber’s
(D) Goldsmith’s
Ans b

18. The people of Europe learn their lessons from the writing of
the man of….
(A) Britain
(B) Germany
(C) Spain
(D) Greece or Rome

19. The Artist is…
(A) an essay
(B) a poetry
(C) a short story
(D) drama
ans c

20. A Child is Born is written by…..?
(A) Germaine Greer
(B) HE Betes
(C) Anton P Chekhov
(D) Shiga Naoya
ans a

21. Benjy should be allowed to keep…..
(A) Goals
(C) Dogs
(B) Cows
(D) Hens
ans d

22. Johnson was a poor…..
(A) Teacher
(C) Carpenten
(B) Doctor
(D) Farmer
ans d

23. ‘The Earth’ is a ……
(A) drama
(C) story
(B) poetry
(D) essay
Ans c

24. Pearl S. Buck is an …… writer.
(A) British
(B) American
(C) Indian
(D) European
Ans b

25. I was called to kill a dangerous
(A) Snake
(B) Dog
(C) Cat
(D) Lion
Ans a

26. …… is the daughter of Choobookov.
(A) Matalia
(B) Natalia
(C) Ratalia
(D) Satalia
Ans b

27. Natalia’s dog is named ……
(A) Leap
(B) Weap
(C) Deap
(D) Neap
Ans a

28. The name of the dog of Lomov is
(A) Guess
(B) Buess
(C) Ruess
(D) Cruess
Ans a

29. A Marriage Proposal is a …… act play.
(A) three
(B) one
(C) two
(D) four

30. A Marriage Proposal is written by ……
(A) Anton Chekhov
(B) Pearl S Buck
(C) HE Bates
(D) Dorothy L Sayers

31. Now The Leaves Are Falling is written by ….
(A) John Keats
(B) WH Auden
(C) Rupert Brooke
(D) John Donne

32. The prams are……?
(A) Standing
(B) Life
(C) Rolling
(D) Lying

33. Human life is no better than….
(A) Death
(B) Running
(C) Journey
(D) Expedition

34. Trees shed their leaves in….
(A) winter
(B) autumn
(C) rain
(D) summer
Ans. (B

35. ….Persons are travellers.
(A) Young
(B) Old
(C) Intelligent
(D) Clever

36. The leaves are falling….
(A) Fast
(B) Slow
(C) Good
(D) Soon

37. Autumn is a season of mellow…..
(A) Fruitlessness
(B) No wind
(C) No sounds of the birds
(D) Fruitfulness

38. ….was a great lover of Nature.
(A) John Keats
(B) WH Auden
(C) Rupert Brooke
(D) John Donne

39. Autumn starts with the departure of the …… seasons.
(A) Rainy
(B) Summer
(C) Winter
(D) Spring

40. In …… new leaves and fruits come out on trees.
(A) Winter
(B) Spring
(C) Autumn
(D) Summer

41. Ode to …… is an ode.
(A) Season
(B) Winter
(C) Rain
(D) Autumn

42. The dust stands for the….
(A) Farmer
(B) Teacher
(C) Leader
(D) Soldier
Ans B

43…… is a master of criminal.
(A) Macavity
(B) Racavity
(C) Nacavity
(D) Rodger
Ans. (A)

44. Macavity is a ….
(A) Dog
(B) Lion
(C) Cat
(D) Rat

45. Fire Hymn is written by……
(A) Rupert Brooke
(B) TS Eliot id nis
(C) Kamala Das
(D) Keki N Daruwala

46. Keki N. Daruwala is an …… poet.
(A) British
(B) American
(C) African
(D) Indo-Anglian

Choose the right Preposition
47. The man died …… fever.
(A) of
(B) with
(C) by
(D) for

48. He is … the top of the class.
(A) in
(B) at
(C) for
(D) about

49. She rushed …… my room.
(A) into
(B) with
(C) for
(D) after
Ans. (A

Choose the correct Suitable Article
50. …… cow gives milk.
(A) a
(B) an
(C) the
(D) Why
Ans c

51. I want …… glass of water.
(A) a
(B) an
(C) the
(D) of
Ans a

52. …… gold of India is famous.
(A) a
(B) an
(C) the
(D) where

53. Sania Mirza …… tennis.
(A) playing
(B) plays
(C) is plays
(D) None of these

54. Children …… to school everyday.
(A) go
(B) goes
(C) is going
(D) None of these Ans.-
Ans A

55. The people of Europe learn their lessons from the writing of
the man of….
(A) Britain
(B) Germany
(C) Spain
(D) Greece or Rome

56. He came ….. 4 O’clock.
A. At.
B. On.
C. In.
D. Down
Ans a

57. Do not laugh …… him
A. with
B. in
C. of
D. from

Ans A

58. Modi has been working ….. January.
A. From.
B. In.
C. Since.
D. From

Ans c

59. I………. just now.
(A) have come
(B) had come
(C) came
(D) come
Ans a

60. I………. English for last ten years.
(A) learn
(B) will learn
(C) is Learning
(D) had been learning

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